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Our reputation works for us! 

For almost 20 years we have been providing high-quality audio and video transcription to researchers, universities, market research companies, Ag companies, law offices, corporations, small business owners, individuals, and so many more.  

Why choose transcription america?

We have worked hard to build a reputation for excellent customer service while still providing fast turnaround, exceptional quality, and personalized service. Our team has over 30+ years of experience, which translates into accurate, fast documents. We know how important accuracy and confidentiality are so we never outsource to third parties or overseas. 

We have experience with almost every genre: market research, automotive, pharma, academia, animal health and wellness, agriculture, podcasts, focus groups, technology, investigative interviews, and many more.  

At Transcription America we believe in making your experience with us as fast and easy as possible and that every client is our most important client. Contact us today for more information; you'll be glad you chose us for your transcription needs!


 "[Name] and I had a conversation about transcriptions and I told her about your summarized edited transcriptions...which I think of as verbatim for the important stuff and deleting the unimportant stuff...and the best part is you know the difference.  You also seem to look stuff up when you are not sure of a medical term and tend to get it right!" - MG, Researcher


"I reviewed your transcripts with my primary investigator and our data analyst earlier today in a meeting, and they were very impressed with how well your documents compare to the audio. Thank you so much for your work!​" - Aaron, University Researcher

"We only have one company that does transcriptions for us -- Transcription America.  I have personally worked with them for 13+ years and their services are fast, accurate, and fairly priced.  The team at TA is highly professional and they communicate well." - Karen, Senior Administrator


"I have been using Transcription America for going on 10 years for all of my transcription needs.  In addition to being responsive, quick, and accurate they are some of the nicest people to work with.  They go above and beyond on every project.  And when needed, they can turn around a transcript faster than anyone I  have worked with. I have recommended them to other researchers and they report the same experience.  I don’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone in need of transcription."  - Joe, Market Research Consultant

"This was a really good transcription.  A lot of technical details that were captured in the transcript.  Very thorough!  It really helped me develop a discussion guide in an area where I don't have a lot of expertise."     - Mark, Principle Owner of a Market Research Firm

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  - Smooth verbatim, edited summarized, and Excel transcripts.

  - Transcription of most all digital formats 

  - Podcasts 

  - Ability to download and transcribe digital files from client servers/websites.  

  - Transcription America provides high-quality transcripts for businesses, here         are just a few examples:


   *Focus Groups

   * Zoom or Skype meetings


   *Church Sermons
   *Ethnographic Groups

   *Academia Research



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